Inchain is initiated and led by Chongqing Inchain Technology Co., Ltd, which is a public chain project positioning the underlying platform of the block chain. It is the first professional commercial block chain application eco-platform and multi-signature registration binding management signing double private key from the underlying architecture authentication management hierarchical system. This system, together with the advanced arbitration system developed by the management agency and Inchain, meets the commercial-level regulatory requirements of de-centering and government-access. Inchain has created a set of efficient, self-maintenance POC consensus mechanisms to meet and adapt to its positioning of underlying platform.

The original intention of the chain is to combat counterfeit products with the use of block chain technology, providing the most credible technology for the business to protect their brand image. The anti-counterfeiting traceability will be the first application of Inchain as a result. The Inchain team will focus on building a comprehensive self-service application based on anti-counterfeiting traceability, which allows self help of the certified businesses in getting the related services like anti-counterfeiting traceability and marketing once it is launched. Besides, users can also obtain the authenticity and traceability information of goods as well as mark and transfer ownership, thus this application will accumulate a large number of business and user resources, forming a flow center.

Officially launched in December 2016, in just three months up to April 2017, Inchain has completed the design and development of the block chain’s underlying structure, a number of innovative Inchain wallets, the development of POC consensus mechanism and the generic anti-counterfeiting tracing business process at a cost of 120 thousand yuan only, all of which obtain consistent high praise under stable running. The first application platform of anti-traceability based on Inchain public chain has also been published and everyone can experience!

All the codes of Inchain are self developed of open source. Corrections and contributions are welcome!

Advantages & Innovations

Strength team

Our team has completed the innovation bottom and code rewrite in three months as well as the anti-counterfeiting source’s base process in 15 days by breaking through multiple difficulties. Two of the three reality chains have been achieved under a brand new commercial design.Businesses are easy to be carried out with a variety of trading models. Original development and business models are leading the forefront development of block chains.

Advanced concept

Conform to the government policy guidance and allow security traceability in creating a unified authenticity center of block chains. More practical applications should be developed based on businesses and users.

Practical application

Reject the idea that the strong will always be strong and that we can get something for nothing by adopting a combination of rewards and punishments instead. Adopt two mediations meeting regulation and attach importance to the market value and community as well as international developments. Ensure advancements through cooperation and promote zoology through traffic.

Regular self-discipline

Establish the company with the opening of business finance, positive community interaction, the concept of credit foremost under a comprehensive plan and a clear strategy.

Model innovation

Inchian will introduce the global asset and the application white list supporting architecture to enable the management and regulation of assets at multiple levels of the agreement contract, application, and underlying network, thus achieving overall functions in assets issue, bankruptcy liquidation, applications on line as well as asset security.

Account system innovation

Inchain has added an exclusive underlying hierarchical system of authentication management for different roles with different permissions and functions, allowing formations modes of the businesses and other roles so as to realize various commercial modes.

Technology integration innovation

Inchain strives for the integration of the block chain and the advanced technology of this industry and other industries, the use of small two-dimensional code technology with Chongqing Institute of Science and Technology is an example. We will continue to add new technologies such as virtual machines, advanced intelligence contracts, advanced arbitration, isolation and verification, etc.

Trading model innovation

Unlike other block-chain projects of a simple transaction type such as transfer, double sign, etc, Inchain embeds a lot of underlying trading models, which can self accomplish some more complex business activities like validated renters trading model, reward contract model, credit margin model and auction model.

Consensus innovation

Inchain has created a poc consensus mechanism allowing self maintenance and self regulation efficiently.

Double mediations of tokens and credits

The node can accumulate and get another data flow in the consensus: the credit value in addition to tokens. Inchain takes credit value as a management intermediary into the block chain for the first time, constituting a double intermediary mechanism.

Target planning

Nov 2016

issued Inchain white paper version 1.0

official network structures

Dec 2016

launched funds ICO 5.8% of tokens

Jan 2017

registered in Chongqing Inchain Technology Co., Ltd. and reached a strategic cooperation with Chongqing Arts and Crafts Association

Feb 2017

Inchain WeChat small programs and Inchain business tools

Jun 2017

Enlarge teams, establish Chongqing Blockchain technology research and development center and research and develop the bottom Blockchain;Build Chongqing Blockchain Association and related matters;A continuous development and improvement of security traceability platform;A comprehensive test of purses

May 2017

the official ICO and Expansion team

Apr 2017

the Inchain white paper 2.0, Inchain official website revision, explanations of art works application, purses public testing, security traceability application testing, promotion, contact platforms

Mar 2017

bottom completion, interior purses; multiple businesses cooperation; a strategic cooperation with Chongqing University of Science and Technology and visits of a number of venture capital institutions

Jul 2017

1. Community 1.0 website, community fund and community establishment operation. 2. Determine the INS trading platform 3, Trial operation Inchain security traceability platform 4. Joint investment and cooperate with parties.

5. Establish government cooperation public relations groups and the demand for government cooperation 6. Establish an international publicity group, and pave a way for internationalization of Inchain. 7. Deepen the application of security traceability 8, Deepen purse testing and prepare official line of major networks

Aug 2017

1. Major networks online of Inchain. 2. Inchain online international trading platforms. 3. Establish Shanghai Branch, promotion and the market comprehensiveness. 4. Provide products financial services for alliance businesses 5. Develop mobile APP, light coils, and Blockchain browsers. 6. Deepen WeChat small programs, and make the public know and use virtual encryption currencies by fully combining INS.

Oct 2017

accelerate the markets development of security traceability application, research and develop general applications of Inchain art and research and develop union chains providing resources for Inchain (temporarily keep more details secret in case of trade secrets)

Dec 2017

further expand the market, increase the businesses and customers, online major trading platforms, research and develop general applications of Inchain assets and launch round A financing plans.


1. Continue to develop markets of security traceability, arts and commodity finance. 2. Develop applications and operation of UCOT and knowledge by cooperating with third-party teams. 3. Promote the investment and financing of INS, cooperate with third-party application and business alliances, and government cooperation. 4. Enter into the financial market of Blockchain. 5. Continuous improvement of bottom technologies; research and develop senior co-ordinate underlying system protocols. 6. Research and develop advanced smart contracts and virtual machines in appropriate time. 7. Continue technical reserves and innovation.


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